Hi! I’m Michelle, but my close friends and family call me Elle for short. I’m married to the love of my life. Some may believe that we have it all, but trust me- we work hard to make it all work. Date nights are KEY! We currently live in Southern Alabama and have three adorable kiddos, all with names starting with ‘B’.  I enjoy sharing about the details of our life but also the little things that inspire me.

A few things about me:

  • I am an Executive Assistant for 6 different District Managers for a large Fortune 500 Company.
  • I thrive on being “on the go” and get bored when my days are not filled with activities to do. (hence why I am so good at my day job!)
  • I enjoy getting dolled up to go out, but I also love wearing my PJ’s and being lazy all day.
  • I would rather be shopping than cleaning- BUT- I would take a day of uninterrupted sleep over doing anything else.
  • My favorite places to visit are NYC and Disney World, and YES I know they are total opposites!
  • My guilty pleasure is watching “The Real Housewives” or another Bravo reality TV show. I also enjoy binge watching Netflix or Amazon Prime shows in bed with the hubs.
  • I like to splurge on high end makeup but you will usually find me in carpool line without a lick of makeup on my face. My husband loves this one! lol.
  • I’m a cradle Catholic and attended Catholic school from K-12th grade. My kids now attend Catholic school and carry on the tradition.

I started this blog to hopefully inspire others. Thank you for reading and being a part of this creation.

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