Why am I blogging?

As I start the 2016 year, I wanted to get back into blogging. While I was in college at UCF, I blogged/journaled daily before blogging became a “thing” or a way to make a living. I feel that over the years I have gotten away from writing down my emotions, and in turn have started holding them inside. This is not the best way for me to deal with my emotions- if you don’t believe me ask my husband. lol. In September 2015, I decided that I wanted to get back into blogging but realized that I didn’t know anything about the new way of blogging and spent a lot of time researching and reading about different types of blogs, different types of hosts for blogs, etc. I decided that I would go slow with learning the blogging process and set a goal of January 1, 2016 as a tentative “start” date. This gave me plenty of time to pick a name for the blog and also grab all the social media sites to correlate with it.

At the end of October, I ended up having knee surgery to reconstruct my MPFL ligament that had torn. No- it wasn’t by playing sports, or doing anything fun, I actually stepped the wrong way while putting away groceries and my patella went out of place causing the ligament to tare. You would think that laying in bed for a couple of weeks would give me plenty of time to research blogs, but in reality all I did was sleep. The pain was so intense and the pain medicines really just made me sleep all day. After a couple of week the pain subsided, but it was just in time for the holiday rush. I’m pretty sure the month of December flew by bc it was a  complete blur. The recovery from the surgery has been intense and I am no where near where I should be. I intend to do a blog post about my surgery and the slow recovery soon.

So here we are and even though I have a ton of blog posts written on my phone that I’m anxious to post, I’m trying to get the blog layout designed the way that I want and the logo correct before I jump into this. I am excited to share my thoughts with everyone but I know that if I don’t go slow and get everything right before I start really getting into this, I will get frustrated with the whole process and I won’t get very far (its happened in the past.) So I am taking this slow and steady.

During the construction of my blog, I am participating in a word press blogging101 class and will be posting blogs correlating with that. This will put content on my blog without the added pressure of having everything perfect before I start my daily life blogs. If you want to participate in the blogging 101 class sign up here: Blogging 101.


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